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Contact Info & Teacher Websites

Contact Info & Teacher Websites

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Torres, Michele (505) 836-3030 ex.58108 Principal

Assistant Principals & Dean of Students

Chiang, Laura Assistant Principal
Chlapowski, Sonja (505) 836-3030 ex.59115 Dean of Students
Cordero, Maria Assistant Principal

Teachers / Staff

Aguilar, Richard Paws II - 7th & 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Alarcon, Jorge (505) 836-3030 ex.58172 Web Master / Technology Teacher / ESL Teacher / Testing Co-Coordinator
Alzaga, Dorothy (505) 836-3030 8th grade math teacher- Snow Leopard Team
Baca Jr, Gilbert (505) 836-3030 ex.58181 8th Grade Science Teacher
Baca, David Staff
Barbara, Elizabeth Staff
Barreto-baca, Natali (505) 836-3030 7th grade Dual Language Science Teacher/ Lynx Team
Baty, Patricia Staff
Brandon, Barbara ex.58118 Social Worker
Brummett, David (505) 836-3030 ex.58180 8th Grade Social Studies / SS Dept Chair / Student Council Advisor
Bunnell, Kelly (505) 836-3030 ex.58136 7th grade Special Ed. Science Teacher
Bustos, Ronda Lee (505) 836-3030 6th Grade Math Teacher
Byers-smith, Terri (505) 836-3030 ex.59120 Special Education Teacher/ Bilingual Program Support
Carrica, Jakob 8th Grade Mathematics Teacher
Chavez, Shelby (505) 836-3030 ex.58216 7th Grade Cheetah Math Teacher, Dance Teacher, 7th Grade Math PLC Leader, Assi
Craig, Juliette (505) 836-3030 ex.58128 Staff
Davis, Rebecca (505) 836-3030 Gifted Language Arts 6th, 7th, 8th
Dorris, Kelly (505) 836-3030 ex.58112 Staff-workroom EA
Duemling, Ellen Staff
Duff, Jenny (505) 836-3030 ex.58138 Teacher- MESA Advisor Math Strategies/ Problem Solving
Duran, Judith Instructional Coach, Health Education Specialist
Farris, Damien (505) 836-3030 Physical Education Basketball Coach/ Track Coach
Farris, Laura (505) 836-3030 ex.58133 7th grade Life Science / Cougar Team Leader
Fontanez, Michelle (505) 836-3030 ex.58209 SPED Master Teacher with TESOL Endorsement/ PLC Leader/Mentor Teacher
Gallegos, Gregoria Staff
Gallegos, Lucy Staff
Gates, Rachael Staff
Gaudet, Keith Technology Coordinator/Testing Co-Coordinator/Elective Department & Team Chair/
Geddes, Melanie (505) 836-3030 ex.58116 7th Grade Counselor
Goff, Darrell (505) 836-3030 ex.58159 Art and Technology Teacher, Tech Support, PBS member
Gonzales, Veronica (505) 836-3030 ex.58140 Educational Assisstant
Gunderson, Alicia (505) 836-3030 ex.58188 7th grade Social Studies
Gutierrez, Danielle (505) 836-3030 ex.85152 7th Grade Science, Wildcat Team Leader
Gutierrez, Monica Staff
Harris, Melissa (505) 836-3030 ex.58612 Band Director
Hart, Jennifer (505) 836-3030 ex.58114 6th Grade Counselor
Herrera, Michelle (505) 836-3030 ex.58186 Cougar Team English Language Arts Teacher
Hinds-martel, James Staff
Jojola, Bryan (505) 934-1419 ex.58126 Staff
Jojola, Regina Staff
Juerling, Jonathan (505) 836-3030 ex.58127 Teacher-Special Education Mathematics
Keen, Margaret (505) 836-3030 ex.58187 7th Grade Cougars Math Teacher
Laubhan, Canice AHA Orchestras & Truman MS Orchestras
Levin, Rhiannon (505) 836-3030 6th grade Earth Science Teacher
Luber, Elizabeth ex.59219 Teacher Special Education
Lucero, Jennifer Staff
Maietta, Elena (505) 833-7540 ex.57654 Chorus Teacher
Marchiondo, Linda (505) 836-3030 ex.58178 8th Grade Science Teacher, Mustang Team Leader, MANOS Coordinator
Marshall, Henry (505) 836-3030 ex.58220 AAA
Martinez, Kristina (505) 836-3030 ex.58173 Science/ Elective
Mendez, Angel 7th Grade Lynx Math Teacher, Girls Soccer Coach
Milburn, Marjorie (505) 836-3030 ex.59421 Teacher - 8th Grade Language Arts, Language Arts Co-Department Chair, AVID Coor
Miller, Sarah (505) 836-3030 ex.58211 Special Education Teacher
Milner, Priscilla 6th Grade English Language Arts
Montano, Marc Staff
Murphy, Patrick (505) 836-3030 ex.58205 Special Education teacher
Nakai, Kara (505) 836-3030 ex.58155 Seventh Grade Social Studies
Navarro, Melissa (505) 836-3030 Snow Leopards Team 8th Grade Social Studies
Nuanes, Jacquelyn (505) 836-3030 ex.58186 7th Grade ELA & ESL/Lynx Team
Oglesby, Christopher (505) 836-3030 ex.ext 58212 Teacher/ESL/American Studies
Ornelas, Martha Staff
Pacheco, Sonya (505) 836-3030 ex.58202 Gifted Math Teacher
Palmer, Terry (505) 836-3030 ex.58152 6th Grade Science Teacher
Patterson-jahn, Alethea (505) 836-3030 ex.58140 Head Special Education Teacher
Pedersen, Michael (505) 836-3030 ex.58192 6th Grade Math Teacher / Math Department Chair
Pena, Evangeline (505) 836-3030 Librarian / CSI Coordinator
Perez-mousset, Cilian (505) 836-3030 ex.58194 6th grade Dual Language Science Teacher
Ramirez Gurrola, Ruth (505) 836-3030 ex.58167 8th Grade Dual Language Math Teacher
Rivas, Victoria staff/educational assistant for CRL Program
Rodriguez, Mary Staff
Romero, Antoinette (505) 836-3030 ex.58221 Social Worker
Romero, Dolly (505) 836-3030 ex.58145 Bobcats 6th Grade Math Teacher, Math Department Chair
Romero, Richard (505) 836-3030 ex.59244 Teacher
Romero, Starr ex.58154 Wildcats Language Arts
Romero, Veronica Staff
Salvador, Dana (505) 836-3030 ex.58200 ESL 6-8 classroom teacher
Sanchez, Jose Staff
Sanchez, Melissa (505) 836-3030 ex.58183 Physical Education Teacher/ Head Volleyball Coach
Schuler, Lynn (505) 836-3030 ex.58139 6th Grade Social Studies/Ocelots Team/Dual Language/MESA Co-advisor/Team Leader
Sena, Barbara Ocelots Social Studies Dual Language Team
Siders, Kathryn (505) 836-3030 8th Grade Language Arts - Lions - Language Arts Department Chair
Simpson, Murray (505) 836-3030 ex.59404 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Sitdikova, Liliana (505) 836-3030 ex.58215 Special Education Teacher
Sterling, Helen (505) 836-3030 ex.58115 8th Grade Counselor
Trimble, Debbie ex.85125 Staff
Varela, Linda (505) 836-3030 Bilingual Coordinator / 7th Grade Dual Language Social Studies Teacher
Weber, Kristen (505) 836-3030 7th Grade Social Studies
Williams, Steven (505) 836-3030 ex.58119 School Nurse, RGHS Asst Volleyball Coach
Winter, Jesse (505) 836-3030 ex.58192 Staff, ESL Teacher, DLeNM Co-Chair

Address and Phone Number


9400 Benavides Road SW
Albuquerque, NM 87121 (map)

Phone: (505) 836-3030
Fax: (505) 836-7745