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Student Council

About Student Council

Student Council is a group of motivated student leaders who are committed to helping and improving their school and community. Student Council members will learn about the workings of government and civics, help with school activities and social events, assist in community service projects, and meet regularly with teachers and principals to make improvements for Truman Middle School.

Student Council members must meet the following expectations:

  1. Demonstrate good manners and appropriate behavior.
  2. Be a positive role model and leader for other students.
  3. Be willing to support and/or participate in school/community functions.
  4. Maintain good attendance and a “C” average, or may lose certain Student Council privileges.
  5. Must follow all school rules, or may lose certain Student Council privileges.

Student Council members will serve on committees to assist with and coordinate some of the following school/community events:

  • Roadrunner Food Bank
  • Truman Clothing Bank
  • Food drives
  • Annual Thanksgiving baskets
  • Morning televised announcements
  • Assemblies
  • School celebrations/dances
  • Math, Science, and Literacy Nights
  • 8th Grade Promotion/Celebration
  • And much more

Student Council will also hold elections for officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer (8th graders), 7th grade representative, and 6th grade representative, who will serve as the governing body of the student council. The elected officers will conduct student council meetings, oversee committees/projects, and serve as the delegation to meet with school principals and teachers.

Council Advisors

Priscilla Milner, Read 180 Student, ex: 58197

Council Locker

Student Council Officers

  • President - Chastity Zamora
  • Vice President - Angelica Contreras
  • Secretary - Santana Salazar
  • Treasurer - Veronica Vargas
  • 8th Grade Representative - Paul Sedillo
  • 7th Grade Representative - Emma Velasquez
  • 6th Grade Representative - Reyli Cano

Current Student Council

8th Grade

  • Zack Chall
  • Davina Chaves
  • Angelica Contreras
  • Rebekah De La Rosa,
  • Johnny Gallegos
  • Paul Sedillo
  • Chasity Zamora

7th Grade

  • Adamariz Gutierrez Diaz
  • Cortez Gutierrez
  • Elena Perches
  • Santana Salazar
  • Cynthia Tena
  • Veronica Vargas
  • Emma Velasquez

6th Grade

  • Reyli Cano
  • Damian Sanchez